New Colours

How’s everyone going? Today we make progress on the legwarmers & introduce some new colours!

Legwarmers KAL

(pink) knit one row then purl one row.

Round 1: (purple) *slip1, knit 3*; repeat from * to * to end of round.

Round 2:  (purple)knit

Round 3: (purple) knit

Repeat last 3 rounds using blue.

Repat last 3 rounds using pink.

Repeat last 3 rounds using purple.

Change to red and knit, increasing 8 sts evenly (60 total).

Follow chart for the next section, knitting all stitches and working colours as shown. Carry all unused colours loosely at the back of your work (not too loose that you will catch your toes when you put on your legwarmers, but not too tight that your knitting puckers). When you have to carry a colour behind for more than 3 stitches make sure you “catch” the float i.e wrap the other yarn around it to hold it up against your knitting. If you’re not sure how to do this there are plenty of videos & instructions online, (here’s one that has a clear diagram:

Rebecca Chevron


Knit one row orange increasing 10sts evenly (70 sts).

Meet you back here soon ~