Rebecca – The Last Leg

We’re on the home stretch now!

Knit 1 round green.

Knit 1 round green, increasing 4 sts (76 sts).

Knit 1 round blue.

Knit 1 round blue, increasing 4 sts (80 sts).

Next 21 rounds, follow the Flower Chart:

flower chart

Then continue as follows:

Knit 1 round blue.

Knit 4 rounds dark pink.

Knit 3 rounds yellow.

Using purple: *k2tog, yo* repeat from * to * to end of round.

Knit 3 rounds purple.

Knit 1 round red.

Work 5 rounds of double rib (k2, p2) in red.

Bind off!

Rebecca Flowers

Make 4  3-stitch I-cords, each a different colour, each a different length (they need to be long enough to go around your leg and have extra length for tying and threading through the flowers).

(don’t know how to knit an I-cord? Check out this link)

Thread 2 cords through the holes you made in the purple round at the top of each legwarmer. Alternate the cords (see pictures).

Rebecca back

Make a crochet or knitted flower to go on the end of each I-cord. (there are plenty to choose from on this website .  I didn’t follow a pattern but did something like this:

chain about 8-10 & join in a circle, double crochet into the circle (about 10-12), 3 or 4 triple crochet into each space (the more stitches here, the more ruffled it will be)

My flowers had a hole in the centre that let me thread the I-cord though and simply knotted it. To stop the flower moving along the cord I stitched it into place.


Rebecca crochet flower





Rebecca bouquet

I do hope you’ve enjoyed knitting your legwarmers! Please share your photos with me (send me the link to your Ravelry project page, post the pics on the Facebook page, or send me an email)