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Hi there! I’m Christine, a knitter, designer, creative and lover of colour and texture. I’ve explored and tried my hand at numerous arts and crafts over the years, but I always find myself returning to my first love, knitting. When I’m knitting I feel at peace.

Although largely self taught, I also studied Hand Knit Design for a number of years and have been fortunate enough to attend workshops given by:


Prudence Mapstone (Montville 2007)

Jane Thornley (Sydney, 2009)

Adrienne Sloane (Sydney, 2009)

Teresa Dair (Geelong, 2012)

Jenny King (Sunshine Coast, 2013)

Loani Prior (Ballina, 2014)

Brandon Mably (Brisbane, 2016)

Nicky Epstein (Sth France 2016)

These artists are very diverse in their knitting & crochet but all express themselves using yarn.

Whether it’s through your knitting & crochet, your painting & drawing, your sewing, your pottery, your hair, tattoos or through the clothes that you wear, I believe expressing yourself creatively is an outlet we all need and deserve in our lives.



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